Audi & Yee Syuen

Dragons Chinese Restaurant, Wellington

I had the pleasure of being friends with the groom for a number of years, and knowing him personally made the day extra special for me. His journey and the sacrifices he made together with Yee Syuen made me truly admire them as a couple. They had to endure a long-distance relationship, separated by continents and several time zones. For them, distance means so little when someone means so much. It was a beautiful weather on their wedding day and I was honored to be able to capture the special moment of my old church friend. I hope the best for them in their new married life.

A few words from the bride and groom:

“Great photographer, great deal, no fuss no hassle, awesome quality! Above all, considering what most people dealt with photographers, very fast delivery of photographs (a few weeks compared to 6months+ from most photographers)! Highly recommended, thanks for the great service..:)!”